3 Piece Top 2 Person Wood Drafting Table with 8 Drawers

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Can you think of some advantages to having your students work at the same table? It's an opportunity for them to learn from each other, to work together, and to teach each other techniques. Since many real world jobs require collaboration, you want to teach your students to collaborate. That's the beauty of this two person drafting table. And since its two drafting surfaces can be adjusted independently and are divided by a flat shared space, your students can also effectively work separately at this table.

It has so many great features, and one of them is the solid maple wood construction of the aprons and legs. You can bet that such a construction will hold up even if your students get a little rowdy. Another great feature is the row of drawers below the middle shared space. There are eight of them, and each is 20 1/2" wide and 19 3/4" deep. They have all been completely finished and each one locks independently with its own key. All that storage space allows you to keep many supplies readily available. And your students will surely need supplies, since they have so much to learn.

Each of their drawing spaces is 28" wide and 32 1/2" deep. The shared flat space in the middle is 14" wide and 32 1/2" deep. That makes it a pretty decent space in which to put shared supplies such as pencils, paper, and palettes.

  • Dimensions: 70Wx32.5Dx39.75H
  • Weight: 325 lbs
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