Arc Back Leather Salon Styling Chair

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Going for a modern appeal in your salon? This wide-seated chair’s half circle design is pretty chic, and your clients will appreciate resting the dense rubber footpad of the “u” shaped footrest. The contoured back is pretty cozy to lounge back into, so we’re pretty confident that your clients will love sitting in this chair. Like all good styling chairs, this one is super adjustable with a hydraulic lift that allows you to position your clients at whatever level will work for you. Its round base rests closely against the floor, making it easy to sweep up after you’re done styling someone’s hair. As ever, we hope to make salon products that will make your life easier. With or without our help, your salon will go on, but we hope that our chairs can be part of your great success.

We know that the visual appeal and style of your furnishings creates a first impression for each person that walks through your door. They will see this chair and hopefully will feel that they have entered a modern and stylish environment. Isn’t that kind of atmosphere essential for a salon? After all, don’t most of your clients want modern and stylish haircuts? They want to look good, so they will feel encouraged by seeing your modern decor. Of course, thoughts of style begin to fade as soon as they sit in the chair because what matters at that point is how they feel. Your clients need to be comfortable so they will want to stay in the chair for an extended period. That’s why we make comfort a high priority for all of our products. We’re thrilled at the thought that this chair may end up in your salon!

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