Barnett 3 Arrow Travel Case - 22" Carbon Arrows

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Packaged in a hard-case, Barnett's triple-pack of the increasingly popular 22" Carbon Arrows with Field Tips works over time as a reusable, protective travel case for your 22" arrows. Compact for convenience when on the go in the field, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, there is no going wrong with this pack! The 3 Arrow Travel Case by Barnett is designed with a hinged cage at both ends, top and bottom, to shield fletching from catching, bending, or breaking as well as to protect everything else from sharp arrow tips. it's also worth mentioning that this convenient case is also equipped with a built in tree-stand!! Each of the included 22" Carbon Arrows is ready to shoot with a 100 Grain Field Tip - perfect for when you will be switching from practice shots to the real-deal. With an overall weight for each arrow resting at 430 grains these 22" Carbon arrows are comfortable for any skill level to use.

The most notable advantages of Carbon arrows are that they are crafted to be slimmer and lighter than their Aluminum cousins. Boasting straighter flight patterns, easy F.O.C. (front-of-center) manipulation with an ever growing inventory of accessories, reduced effect of drafts, and exceptional acceleration speeds and velocity, Carbon is an easy element choice for an arrow shaft. Growing in overall popularity, Carbon arrows are on an evolutionary fast track in terms of new and exciting advances in engineering and innovation. stands proudly beside each 3 Arrow Travel Case - 22" Carbon Arrow pack with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. Remember that the excellent Customer Service team at is always available to answer any questions or hear any comments you have!

Product Features:

  • 430 Grain overall weight
  • 100 Grain field point
  • Designed for speed accuracy and to maintain down range energy
  • Packaged serves as a protective case, hinged cage design protects fletching
  • Easy to transport in the field
  • Built in treestand hook.
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