Barnett Cross - Rope Cocking Device

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The Cross - Rope Cocking Device by Barnett is a simple but shockingly effective tool. Designed specifically for reducing the draw weight of your crossbow by at least 50% it's easily worth its weight in gold. Conveniently adjustable, the Cross - Rope Cocking Device by Barnett is multi-user friendly. The true beauty of the Cross - Rope Cocking Device is how exceedingly easy it is to use. Whether you're using a crossbow no one could easily draw or you simply don't want to use up valuable time fighting your crossbow, the Cross - Rope Cocking Device from Barnett is going to change how you hunt. Cross compatible with all Barnett crossbow models, not to mention a good number of competitor crossbow models, the Cross - Rope Cocking Device is a tool that you should have at least one of. Regardless of the obvious simplicity of the Barnett Cross - Rope Cocking Device it's genuinely multi-beneficial. Not only will you be able to cut the draw weight of your crossbow in half but the Cross - Rope Cocking Device will allow you to set your strings and cables consistently every time. The more accurately you center your strings and cables, the more accurately you will shoot! A good many crossbowman use an attached crank to draw their crossbows but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have a Cross - Rope Cocking Device tucked in their hunting gear. Worst case, an entire hunting trip may be bagged just because a crank breaks or is malfunctioning. This is when you'll be glad that you have a Barnett Cross - Rope Cocking Device conveniently near by as the perfect contingency plan. Crossbow Corning is dedicated to providing the best products from the best archery brands on the market.

Product Features:

  • Simplifies cocking any crossbow
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