Barnett Crossbow Lube Wax

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It's important to remember that your crossbow is a mechanical wonder. And, as with all machines, it's vital to perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that your crossbow is performing at its highest capacity. Maintenance in the field is also pivotal in protecting your crossbow from malfunctioning at the most inopportune time. The experts at Barnett Crossbow have come up with a simple all-in-one rail, string, and cable lubricant that they have dubbed simply: Lubewax. Barnett recommends using Lubewax on crossbow strings after every 5 shots. This may seem a little excessive at first, but when you consider the fact that a drawn crossbow may hold double, or more, weight than when undrawn it's not hard to believe that the tension and friction can quickly build to the point of fraying or snapping strings and cables.

Remember that your crossbow strings or cable also travel from end to end along the rail. This means that Lubewax can, and should, be applied down the entire length of the rail for smooth draws and releases. With regular use of Lubewax you can easily extend the lifetime of your strings and cables up to 500 or more shots - saving you time, money, and maybe even that coveted trophy buck! Conveniently offered in stick form (similar to the way chap-stick is packaged), it's easy to toss a tube of Lubewax in a jacket pocket for in the field application.

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Product Features:

  • Barnett's Lubewax protects and extends the life of your crossbow's strings. Use after every 5 shots.
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