Barnett Lil Banshee Target Combo

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From the international leading producer of youth archery products comes the Lil Banshee Target Combo set. The Lil Banshee Target Combo set is the perfect all-in-one kit that includes one multi-colored 2-pound density Ethafoam target and stand, two arrows, finger rollers, and - most importantly - one Lil Banshee Compound bow. The Lil Banshee is an 18 pound compound bow that boasts Barnett's new soft touch grip, adjustable sight, and a coveted reinforced ambidextrous handle.

The Lil Banshee Compound Bow has an 18-22" draw length and is perfect for youth archers. It's important to remember that draw length is in direct proportion to an archer's arm span. A quick way to learn what your draw length is: stand with your arms out (do not stretch!), palms should be faced forward, now have someone measure your arm span from fingertip to fingertip, divide by 2.5 (two-point-five) then round up to the nearest half-inch. Ta-da! It's important to remember that having a bow with the proper draw length is critical for every archer; first timers through master archers! It's especially important for young archers who may become easily frustrated when first learning the skills and hand-eye coordination needed to successfully shoot an arrow at a chosen target. Like all Barnett bows, the Lil Banshee is specifically designed for maximum durability, longevity, and dependability. The Lil Banshee Target Combo set will provide years of enjoyment and character building for young arches of all skill levels! Still have questions or comments about the Lil Banshee Target Combo set?

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Product Features:

  • Lil Banshee target set
  • Includes multi-color target, 2 target arrows, finger tab, arm guard, and an adjustable sight
  • 18lb Draw weight and 18-22" draw length with built-in pin sight - Right or left hand
  • Bow included
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