Barnett Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device

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Engineered to reduce draw weight by 50%, the adjustable Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device by Barnett is a must have for any crossbowman. Featuring soft-touch handles, this device is both incredibly easy and comfortable to use. As an added bonus, the Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device also comes with 4 Hex Keys (sizes 5/16", 3/26", 3 millimeter, and 6 millimeter) that are compatible with all Barnett crossbow models as well as with most competitor crossbow models! The Rope Cocking Device itself is nearly universal as well; compatible with all Barnett crossbows models and most competitor crossbows models. The function of Barnett's Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device is not only to cut the draw weight of your crossbow in half, though.

An intrinsic benefit of using the Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device is that it allows for easier centering; resulting in a potentially significant increase in both preparation speed and overall accuracy. Even if you already use a crank for those heavy draw weight crossbows, the Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device is the perfect contingency plan should your crank break while out in the field. This alone could easily keep you from missing that trophy shot opportunity or, in a worst case scenario, it could save an entire hunting trip! The convenience of having those 4 standard Hex Keys close at hand for tuning while in the field is also a perk not to be ignored. Inexpensive and indispensable, the Multi-Tool Rope Cocking Device from Barnett's belongs in your hunting pack.

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Product Features:

  • This innovative design is easily adjustable to any crossbow on the market and features comfortable soft-touch handles.
  • It also contains 4 hex keys (5/16", 3/26", 3 mil and 6 mil) for use on all Barnett models and most competitor models.
  • Reduces draw weight by 50%.
  • The easiest and most affordable way to cock your crossbow.
  • Compatible with most crossbows.
  • Reduces strength required to cock a crossbow by one half.
  • Also includes multi tool.
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