Black Leather Adjustable Shampoo Chair

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You’ve probably washed someone’s hair so many times that you could do it in your sleep. You know how it works. You talk to them about what they want to have done this time and then you take them to the shampoo chair and ask them to take a seat. But for some people, that can be kind of an awkward moment. Leaning back into that half-laying position isn’t the easiest thing for everyone, and that’s why an adjustable chair is such a great asset. This one allows you to adjust the incline of the chair back after your clients have already sat down normally. You can lay them back as far as you need to and then sit then back up afterward. Talk about super convenient!

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, you can also adjust the footrest, lowering it completely for them to sit down, raising it while they lie there, and then lowering it again for them to get up. Such a shampoo chair gives your customers the best possible indulgent experience. It makes them feel like they can really relax and trust you to make them feel and look good. Isn’t that why they come to your salon? Sure, they need a haircut or other work done on their hair, but they also love the whole salon experience. For a few minutes or a couple of hours they get to relax and let someone else take of them. And for so many of your clients, that might be one of the only opportunities they have to be cared for so meticulously. Of course you want to give them the most comfort and best service that you possibly can. That’s the standard you set for your salon, and this chair will absolutely help you achieve that level of quality.

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