Black Leather Wooden Arm All Purpose Salon Chair

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Looking for something a little bit special in your styling chair? This salon chair manages to combine a very classic style with modern elements and a barber chair charm. It might just the one you’re looking for. That’s because it has lovely curved wooden arm rests held up by snazzy chrome support bars while sporting a basic black upholstery and offering great lower back support. But the really fun part of this chair is that it can actually recline! That’s right. Your clients could get a little shuteye if your salon wasn’t too busy.

A cozy little headrest completes the chill ensemble. Your clients can only love that kind of relaxation! That is one of the main reasons that they come to your salon. They want to be able to relax! Well, they can surely do that in this chair. The “T” style footrest ensures that their feet have a nice little plastic pad to rest on without slipping. When your customers are that comfortable, they don’t mind sitting while you beautify them. They might just relax enough to tell you their entire life story!

You’ve certainly had it happen before, and that’s to be expected in your salon. You strive to create an environment in which people can really unwind, in which they feel like they can leave their cares and aches behind for a time. Your salon is a sort of haven, and that’s what gets your clients to forever return. What more could they want? If you would like some additional information about our products and services, go here. You’re going to love our useful and informative buyer’s guide.

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