Black Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Stand

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A trapezoidal stand adds interest to this black porcelain shampoo bowl, and the rectangular side compartment can be used for storing shampoo, conditioner, and whatever else you need to put in it. Close your eyes for just a second and imagine just how your salon needs to look. Can you envision what it would look like with this shampoo bowl? Just add one of our cozy adjustable shampoo chairs, and you will have it made. Now you may have noticed something odd about this bowl, though. It doesn’t have a faucet or spring hose. That isn’t an oversight. Those components have been left out so that you can choose them for yourself. Think of the great freedom of choosing your own components! You can pick ones that complement the whole style of your salon. You know whatever you choose is likely to look great with black, so you can hardly go wrong.

What a fun opportunity to customize and personalize your salon! Have noticed how wide the bowl is? That will certainly make it convenient for you to do your job. You will also find it convenient to clean up the porcelain, since porcelain is a phenomenally hard, smooth material. Since it doesn’t rust or tarnish, you can keep it looking great for a long time. We’re confident that you’re not going to have to replace this shampoo bowl for quite some time! So take a little of your own best salon advice and just relax! Now you have a great plan of what kind of shampoo bowl you need and what kind of fixtures to add to it. We don’t blame you for getting a little excited.

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