1 Piece Top 1 Person Wood Drafting Table with Drawer



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When looking for the most functional and convenient drafting table you can afford it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the many options you have. Should you get a flat surface or an angled surface is just one of the questions you may ask. If you are torn between the two, or if you simply know that your line of work or style of art requires the use of both flat and angled drawing surfaces then this is the desk for you. With a two piece top that features both designs it is hard to go wrong with this desk. The first piece is a simple flat, fixed surface.

There is little more that can be said about that. However, the second piece of the two piece top is a fully adjustable drawing service with an included soft close feature. Find the very perfect position to create your masterpieces with the adjustable drawing surface. This drafting table has the convenience of one drawer off to the side of the front of the drawing table, which will be the perfect place to store all of your necessary supplies in a convenient location. This drafting table is constructed form solid maple wood and has a beautiful earthy feel to it. The wood comes already finished with an earth friendly UV protecting finish which adds incredible beauty and more importantly durability to your drafting table.

The drawing surfaces are made from plastic laminate, which makes them a stable and durable surface which is exactly what you need.

    • Table top is one piece


  • 36Wx24Dx36H


  • 100 lbs

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