2 Piece Top 1 Person Wood Drafting Table with Storage Cabinet and Stationary Platform



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How many amazing ideas have become a reality at someone's drafting table? What starts as a concept in the mind needs to be sketched on paper, and it needs to be analyzed and scrutinized. Mathematical equations must be applied and computer models created. How important do you think a workspace is in this process? We think it's crucial for you to have somewhere to work that provides you with the room to work and the conditions you need. The same principle applies to your students. Their burgeoning ideas need a space to be drawn and explored, and this drafting table may just be the place where one of your students discovers his or her future career.

This table has many exciting features. First let's talk about the 42" wide and 30" deep tilted drawing surface. It's made of a smooth plastic laminate that is perfectly conducive to drafting. Next let's talk about the monitor arm behind the drawing surface, which is a nearly 10" deep platform for housing a computer monitor. It's nice because it places the monitor at the same level as the eyes, which reduces strain on your students' necks because they won't have to look down to see their computer monitors. The computer CPU can be kept in the storage cabinet under the drawing surface. It provides for a very convenient setup that will make it so easy for your students to do assignments that involve both written and computer work. The table is 42" wide, 40" deep, and 30" high.

  • Dimensions: 42Wx40Dx30H
  • Weight: 215 lbs

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