36 Inch Wide Portable Wood Drafting Table



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With computers we can accomplish amazing things -> accessing free courses from Yale and MIT, building and starting new businesses that can completely revolutionize the world, and even achieving great architectural drawings, but digital knowledge can only take us so far: There is still a deep-seated need in the drafting table for creators and draftspersons around the world.

The PDT-2420 is a portable drafting table, perfect for Short Term use. This 24 inch wide by 20 inches in diameter portable drafting surface makes a great addition to a temporary workspace, or even as a more permanent tool in an area with not so much elbow room. The PDT-2420 has an almond colored 3/4 inch plastic laminate top with a pvc edge. Adjust with ease this portable drafting able for use in a flat position, 30, 45, or 60 degree angle. The adjustment component makes it a breeze to adjust on the fly as you work through your project. Rubber feat at the bottom of this portable drafting table protect it from slipping or sliding, making this table a great fit for rooms with any type of flooring.

A pencil ledge at the front of the PDT-2420 holds your tools and drawing materials, keeping them from falling and organized throughout its use. Fold the PDT-2420 flat and take it with you to your next destination, or when you're ready to move, don't worry about what you're going to do about your drafting station: It's already compact, folded, and ready to go with you. At a lightweight 18 pounds, it isn't a mystery why the PDT-2420 is one of our best selling portable drafting tables -> nor is it a surprise that this table is such a great fit for college students in their dorm rooms and home studios, or even in the executive and professional environment.

  • Dimensions: 36Wx24Dx2.5H
  • Weight: 18 lbs

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