Barnett 18" Arrows w/ Field Pt



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Aluminum arrows have dominated the sport of archery since the early 1940s and continue to be a trusted and reliable arrow shaft today. Barnett's 18" Arrows with Field Points are no exception! Ready to shoot directly out of the box, these 18" Arrows with Field Points are the answer for those looking for a solid, reliable arrow to add to their arsenal. Aluminum, while heavier than its more nimble Carbon counterpart, does have several advantages when used in arrow shafts.

Aluminum constructed shafts claim superiority, first and foremost, in their ability to provide an almost indisputable precision-to-price ratio. The slightly heavier Aluminum shafts also provide a better transfer of energy from bow to arrow, are lethally quiet when released by a hunting bow, offer a vast range of precision weight and spine choices, and, very importantly for some, Aluminum arrow shafts offer consistent standards that can only come from 70+ years of refinement. Whether you are new to the world of archery or are an expert marksman, you will not be disappointed with the quality and consistency of Barnett's 18" Arrows with Field Points. When the hype of all things new-and-improved just does not grab your attention any more you simply cannot go wrong with the tried and true! A leader in innovative engineering and production, the Aluminum shaft is far from. If you have any questions or comments about Barnett's 18" Arrows,'s exceptional Customer Service team is always happy to assist in any way that they can!

Product Features:

  • Barnett 18" arrows specifically made for superior performance with crossbows.

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