Barnett 3 Arrow Travel Case - 20" Carbon Arrows



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The hard-case packaging for this triple-pack of Barnett's popular 20" Carbon Arrows with Field Tips does double duty as a protective, reusable travel case. Convenient for field transportation with the added perk of being environmentally conscious, you simply can not go wrong with this set! The 3 Arrow Travel Case boasts a hinged cage on both the top and bottom ends to protect fletching from the world as well as to protect the world from sharp arrow tips. Oh, did we mention that there's also a built in treestand hook? Well, there's one of those, too! Each included 20" Carbon Arrow sports a 100 Grain Field Tip that's perfect for weight-matching practice shots with live ones.

The overall weight of each arrow sits at 415 grains. Carbon shafts have the advantage of being slimmer and lighter than their Aluminum counterparts. The straighter flight patterns, decreased effect of drafts, easy F.O.C. (front-of-center) manipulation through the use of accessories, and exceptional velocity and acceleration speeds make Carbon an ideal element for arrow shafts. The increasing popularity of Carbon in the sport of archery means that there is a gratifying level of innovation and engineering breakthroughs on the horizon. Especially in regard to the crafting of pieces with more accurate weight and spine specifications. Whether you're new to using a crossbow or are recognized for your crossbow prowess, you will not be disappointed with the 3 Arrow Travel Case - 20" Carbon Arrows by Barnett.

The 3 Arrow Travel Case - 20" Carbon Arrows comes with a limited 1 Year Warranty. Remember that's friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team is always available to answer any questions you may still have and to hear any comments you'd like to share!

Product Features:

  • 415 Grain overall weight
  • 100 Grain field point.
  • Designed for speed accuracy and to maintain down range energy
  • Easy to transport in the field
  • Packaged serves as a protective case, hinged cage design protects fletching
  • Built in treestand hook

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