Barnett Crossbow Rope Cocking Device



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The Barnett Rope Cocking Device is specifically engineered to cut the draw weight of your crossbow in half; literally. The adjustable Barnett Rope Cocking Device was first patented back in 1993 to Barnett and is specifically engineered to reduce draw weight by no less than 50%. Incredibly easy to use, this is a must have for any crossbowman regardless of skill level. Compatible with all Barnett crossbows, as well as significant number of competitor models, the Barnett Rope Cocking Device is a tool that should be in most hunting rucksacks.

Despite the simplicity of the Barnett Rope Cocking Device it's multi-beneficial. Along with cutting the draw weight of your crossbow by half using the Barnett Rope Cocking Device you will also be able to more easily center your strings or cables. Needless to say, this ability can potentially and significantly increase your overall accuracy and preparation speed giving you just a little bit more of an edge. While many crossbowman are currently using a crank to draw their crossbows, they can still benefit from this inexpensive tool. There's nothing worse than having a crank malfunction or break while in the field, which can easily result in the loss of that trophy buck or, in the worst case, ruin an entire hunting expedition. Not to fear! As long as you have a Barnett Rope Crocking Device tucked away in a pocket or jockey box, you will always have a reliable contingency plan. stands confidently beside every Barnett Rope Cocking Device with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. The exceptional Customer Service team at is always happy to assist if you have any additional questions or comments about the Barnett Rope Cocking Device.

Product Features:

  • Barnett Crossbows rope cocking device
  • Simplifies cocking any crossbow by decreasing the cocking tension by half
  • Wrist straps allow for a firm hold and the rope may be adjusted to fit both the bow and user
  • BAR17014

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