Kings Field Camo Wedding Ring with Hammered Finish



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How do you find a wedding band that conveys everything that it needs to? It needs to be a symbol of your marriage but also a symbol of who you are as a person, since you're about to give yourself to your lover in a lifetime commitment. Of course you want a ring that shows the kind of man you are. To say that you love camo is simplifying too much, but we hope that your future spouse understands how important that it is to you to let that side of yourself show. Why should you get a wedding band that doesn't show who you are? This one is 9mm wide with a 5mm wide tan camo inlay. It's a subtle design called the "King's Field Camo," and it brings to mind thoughts of stealth and hunting and all the adventurous things that you love to do. But the overall effect of the ring is smooth and classy, since it is made of titanium and has a unique texture on either side of the inlay.

The metal there has been hammered and then polished so that it will catch the light in an almost cobbled appearance. Between that texture and the camo, this ring has an earthy essence and a masculine appeal you could only be proud to put onto your finger. And since titanium is almost indestructible and resists tarnishing, it's also a good symbol of a lasting marriage. You're committing that your marriage is going to be just as unbreakable and as long-lasting as titanium while being as beautiful and unique as the camo inlay. And because of our lowest price guarantee, you can buy it here at the lowest price you could get it for anywhere.

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