Kings Snow Camo Wedding Ring with Acid Finish



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Customer Reviews

This wedding band gives you a unique opportunity to wear something with the essence of ancient history while also whispering the call of the wild. Now that is truly a unique experience rather unlike the one you get with more traditional wedding bands. The 9mm wide band is made of Damascus steel and then inlaid with a lovely camo inlay called "King's Snow." In case you didn't know, Damascus steel was world renown in ancient times for its flexibility and hardness, and the methods that were used to make it have been lost to history.

In recent decades, people have looked for ways to imitate the ancient metalsmithing, and this wedding band has been made in what we hope is close approximation of the ancient technique. No one knows for sure how they did it, but we sure love how our version looks and feels. The water-looking pattern is unique in every ring, meaning that you will not have the same exact patterns on you ring as anyone else on the planet! And don't you love how the Damascus steel looks in the domed profile up against the 4mm wide inlay? The snowy looking camo reminds you of hunting expeditions in the snow, and it makes you feel like adventures are possible right over the horizon.

With this ring, you can have a sense of wonder about the ancient craftsmanship of damascus steel while reveling in the excitement of all the things you do wearing camo. Isn't that the perfect blending of your interests and passions? What a perfect way to celebrate your new commitment, by looking back at all the wonders of the past while looking forward to many adventures that the future holds.

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